We are living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. New terms such as self-isolation and social distancing have been coined. People are getting used to a new norm of quarantined days.

“The hospitals, health care providers, (not to mention many businesses and individuals) are working around the clock preparing for the coronavirus surge that will hit our Region.”

Amdist all of this are good news stories of those in the Waterloo Region helping neighbors and helping the cause. There are stories of the preparations: how scores of volunteers have banded together to donate items to protect physicians. There are stories of local companies such as InkSmith, shifting its manufacturing and business model to produce thousands of facial shields. There are the other volunteers who in 72 hours sewed 600 protective gowns for health care providers. The stories are endless.

As the virus spreads and takes a bigger toll in our community, there will be countless stories of sacrifices and heroism of our front-line health care providers. Hopefully, 12-16 months from now, when a vaccine is available and we have conquered Coronavirus, there will be stories to tell of celebration, community, and also honoring those that we have lost.  

I’m a local author, historian, and writer with more than 20 years of publishing experience. I’m collecting and documenting these stories to put together a history in the form of a book. I need your help. The objecitve is to gather as much content as possible to create a lasting legacy of what our community did during these trying times: how we pulled together, and how all industries (from health-care to tech to manufacturing) worked collectively to innovate, share resources, and find solutions during this pandemic. 

No story is too small. Please provide as much detail as possible. Photos will also be a key to visually illustrate these stories of heroism from not only frontline healthcare workers in action, but ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds. 

Please send your stories to: wrcovidstories@gmail.com

Upload photos here

If you would rather I interview you to write your story, let me know via the same email above and we can set something up. 

Thanks to Dr. Sean Gartner for suggesting this project. 

We are all in this together.