“David McPherson is a great writer who delivers creative and compelling copy that nails all facets of an assignment. David is a thorough professional who ensures that deadlines are met, the copy has been received, and follows up on whether there are questions or concerns, which is just as important as good writing. Dave is also a great guy to deal with; he’s got a wide range of eclectic interests all of which brings colour and fun to his written work and just in talking with hiim.” – Tim O’Connor, president, O’Connor Golf Communications

“While I was the editor of Golf Course Industry, David pitched me an interesting story. I gave him the assignment, and his copy came back clean, detailed, yet to the point. Since that first assignment, I used David monthly to help fill the pages of the magazine because he was so reliable and always provided great copy on time. David, who would even come up with his owns sources, is one of the best freelance writers I’ve worked with over the years.” – John Walsh, editor, Golf Course Industry

“David is an excellent writer with extensive sources in the golf industry, especially in the Canadian market. His work is accurate and complete. He  meets all deadlines assigned. I would not hesitate to hire him again.” – Keith Carter, former editor Golf Course Inc.

“David is one of the most reliable free-lance writers that I work with. He consistently produces excellent copy, shows a great knowledge and understanding of our audience and their business and is communicative and easy to work with on matters such as compensation and deadline. Happy to recommend David as one of the top free-lance writers that we work with at Golf Course Management magazine.” – Scott Hollister, editor, Golf Course Management magazine

“David is not only talented, but reliable, a rare and valuable combination among freelancers. He puts obvious pride in everything he does, so the product is well-written, inventive and error-free. He tackles everything with the same enthusiasm, from short pieces to features, from profiles to technical articles.” – John Gordon, director, Communications, ClubLink

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